The implementation of the copland.webrick.ResultHandlers service. This manages a collection of result handlers for the WWWRPCServletFactory service. Whenever an invoked service returns a value, the WWWRPCServlet will pass the result through this service to convert the value to something that can be returned to the user.

Classes and Modules
Class Copland::WEBrick::ResultHandlers::HandlerOrderingWrapper
Public Class methods
new( handlers )

Create a new ResultHandlers instance from the given array of handler definitions. The list will be ordered based on each handler’s before and after preferences.

    # File lib/copland/webrick/result-handlers.rb, line 90
90:       def initialize( handlers )
91:         @handlers = Copland::Orderer.order( 
92:   { |h| h ) }
93:         ).map { |h| h.handler }
94:       end
Public Instance methods
handle( data, request, response )

Attempt to handle the given data by passing it, in turn, to each registered handler. Return true if the data was handled, and false if it was not.

     # File lib/copland/webrick/result-handlers.rb, line 99
 99:       def handle( data, request, response )
100:         @handlers.each do |handler|
101:           return true if handler.handle( data, request, response )
102:         end
104:         return false
105:       end