This is a special kind of servlet that is only instantiated once, when mounted. Whenever WEBrick needs an instance of this servlet, the instance that was given when it was mounted is returned.

Public Class methods

Does nothing. This is a dummy method that is intended only to prevent the constructor for the parent AbstractServlet class from being called.

    # File lib/copland/webrick/httpservlet/singleton.rb, line 48
48:         def initialize
49:         end
Public Instance methods
get_instance( server, *options )

This is to conform to the interface for AbstractServlet. Whenever WEBrick needs an instance of this servlet, it will invoke this method. This makes sure that the AbstractServlet initialize method gets called with the arguments, so that the servlet is properly initialized.

    # File lib/copland/webrick/httpservlet/singleton.rb, line 56
56:         def get_instance( server, *options )
57:           setup_servlet( server, *options )
58:           self
59:         end