The ancestor class of all instantiators. It provides functionality common to all instantiators.

[R] definition The definition data for this instantiator. Each subclass may choose to interpret this property differently.
[R] point The service point that this instantiator is intended to, well, instantiate.
Public Class methods
new( point, definition )

Create a new instantiator using the given service point and definition data.

    # File lib/copland/instantiator/abstract.rb, line 61
61:       def initialize( point, definition )
62:         @point = point
63:         @definition = definition
64:       end
register_as( name )

A convenience method for registering self with the ClassFactory under the given name. This will also add a name method to the class, which will return the value of the name parameter.

    # File lib/copland/instantiator/abstract.rb, line 79
79:       def self.register_as( name )
80:         class_eval "def name\n\#{name.inspect}\nend\n"
81:         Copland::ClassFactory.instance.register( POOL_NAME, name, self )
82:       end
Public Instance methods

Raises a NotImplementedError. Subclasses must override this method and provide functionality for instantiating a service point.

    # File lib/copland/instantiator/abstract.rb, line 68
68:       def instantiate
69:         raise NotImplementedError
70:       end

Does nothing.

    # File lib/copland/instantiator/abstract.rb, line 73
73:       def validate!
74:       end