This delegate is responsible for processing the ‘implementor’ token in a YAML stream.

Public Instance methods
process( point, definition )

Process the given implementor definition and set the service point’s instantiator to the resulting instantiator.

If definition is a string, then the instantiator will be "simple", backed by the class given as the definition.

If definition is a Hash, then the instantiator will be "complex", and will be described by the definition.

Any other type is an error.

    # File lib/copland/configuration/yaml/implementor.rb, line 62
62:         def process( point, definition )
63:           case definition
64:             when String
65:               instantiator = "simple"
66:             when Hash
67:               instantiator = "complex"
68:               deyamlize_hash point, definition
69:             else
70:               raise ParserError,
71:                 "'implementor' must be either a String or a Hash"
72:           end
74:           factory = Copland::ClassFactory.instance
75:           point.instantiator = factory.get( Copland::Instantiator::POOL_NAME,
76:             instantiator, point, definition )
77:         end